OBS as a treasury solution provider for financial institutions, both banks and non-banks with 31 years of experience in their fields, has proven to all its customers that a good treasury solution is a solution that is not only able to meet the needs of the community. The basic need for automation of treasury business operations, but also solutions that are flexible enough to suit specific business conditions and needs as well as the uniqueness of the treasury business processes for each customer.


OBS realizes that in an effort to provide the best solution, companies must always be willing to listen to and understand the most difficult parts that customers go through. After the company truly understands what is the root of customer problems, the company can then provide effective and targeted solutions.


In an effort to listen to and understand customers, OBS provides professional services in the form of business consulting, for both bank and non-bank financial institutions. This treasury business consulting service is supported by qualified experts and has at least 10 years of experience in this field.


Through treasury business consulting services, customers will get an overview of solutions to problems that are often faced as well as knowledge about the development of the treasury business in general in the world so that customers can get an overview of best practices carried out by similar institutions in the international world.


If you are interested in using OBS treasury business consulting services, please do not hesitate to contact us.