Leny Hu

Chief Software Architect, Singapore

Leny is responsible for our development activities as well as the office operation for APAC region.

Having spent over 15 years in financial industry with strong knowledge in multiple financial sector such as Banking, Corporate and Securities Company. She plays a significant role in term of producing a world-class standard application.

She holds a MM from Tarumanagara University and a BCS from BINUS University.

Girish G.H.

Chief Technology Officer, Singapore

Girish is responsible for our traditional technology transform to the advance technology digitalization as well as the research development.

With his experience over 10 years serving across APAC region, his vision about the future technology continually transforming and optimizing financial operation using the latest and innovative technology to interconnected system and provide the best tools for financial industry.

He holds a B.Tech in Information Technology from Government Engineering College, Barton Hill, Trivandrum.

Yudhi J.

System Analysis, Singapore

Yudhi Junaedi plays an important role in our system analysis. He is the man behind the efficient and productive system which is currently running in our client’s site.

He helps to enhance, upgrade, stabilize as well as support SSTS for the bank.

He holds a MM and a BCS from BINUS University.


Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer, Indonesia

Veronica is responsible for our Business Development Activities and Market Expansion, as well as the leader of sales and marketing department.

Having spent several years leading foreign banks in the IT & E-Banking field and many successful experiences in providing financial solutions consulting over the last decade has made it very suitable to bring OBS into a world-class company that always listens, understands and provides the best solutions for each of its customers.

She holds a MBIS and a BCS from BINUS University.


Chief Project Officer, Indonesia

Benny is responsible to strategize the success of the customers, especially in the commitment to provide excellent designs and deliver a world-class customer experience.

He has over 10 years of experiences in the IT industry with strong engagement & knowledge in managing projects and consulting areas in a variety of multiple clients (banking, telecom, healthcare, and renewable energy) in Indonesia and ASEAN countries.

He holds a BCS from BINUS University.


Chief Customer Supports, Indonesia

Budi is responsible for managing customer daily operational support as well as the technical lead for Indonesia.

With his experience over 15 years serving in Indonesia, his vision about the customer focus continually transforming and optimizing customer daily operation.

He holds a BCS from BINUS University.