CEO's Message

OBS has come a long way since its formation. With its vision of providing universal treasury system, OBS’ products adopt the best-in-class processes. We are the only treasury solution provider that incorporates local regulatory requirements as standard features of our products.


OBS’ flagship product, OSTSTM, has undergone continuous improvements and upgrades always with enriched features and adopting new technologies enabling its customers to be ahead of the competition.


OBS’ products and services always seek to improve customers’ experience, increase productivity and improve decision-making.


OBS has a comprehensive suite of treasury products catering to different segments of the financial industry and large corporate treasury centers. Straight-through processing capabilities are standard features of our products.


OBS has just embarked on a journey to digitalize its flagship product, OSTSTM version 4.0. When ready, it will be deployed on hybrid cloud offering users smart phone access to real-time information. Decision-making is easy and fast anywhere anytime.


OBS is committed to continued investments in both technology and treasury solutions including those for wealth management and Islamic treasury.


I can assure you that in OBS, you have a highly reliable, knowledgeable and trusted partner.


Yours sincerely,

David Lim

Chairman & CEO

OBS Financial Solutions

OBS Financial Solutions Pte. Ltd., (“OBS”) was established in 1990. During the nearly 31 years since its incorporation, OBS is recognized as a leading software solutions provider in treasury products with seamless end-to-end systems from trade entry to risk management, settlement, and accounting ledgers. Built with strong security architecture, OSTS, OBS’ flagship product solutions, is simple to use leading to a faster learning experience for its clients. Clients of OBS include multinational banks, regional banks, government, and regulatory institutions as well as large corporate.


The three main success factors of OBS, i.e. People, Process and Technology has never been left behind in the OBS journey to this day. Supported by a group of quality experts, great teamwork as well as the clear vision and mission, OBS continues to develop treasury solutions and expand its product range to fulfill the needs of various segments of the financial industry and large corporate treasury centers. OBS has established good partnerships with several financial institutions, auditing companies and regulators that have made OSTS products one of the treasury business solutions that is not only prioritize on business automation performance, but also excellent in compliance with local regulatory requirements. 31 years and still counting, OBS will continue to work in developing the best solutions to improve customer’ experience.


More than 30 years in Financial Software Solutions
More than 40 years in International Treasury Expertise
More than 30 years in Advancing Technology
More than 30 years in Understanding Client Needs
Satisfied clients
Successful cases



With STP approach, reduce manual works, increase profitability.


Module-based design, easy and fast implementation strategy.


In mitigating the credit risk, market risk, operational risk, etc.


Minimum requirement of third-party hardware and software to run the application.


Regulatory requirement, local specific requirement, international market practice & standard.


Built-in powerful custom report engine, adopt customer’ specific business needs.


A complete team of experts based in each country, from pre-sales to post-sales support.


Attractive pricing package, best investment model offering, flexible scheme.